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Question - 1 : নারীকে সম্বোধনের ক্ষেত্রে প্রযোজ্য হবে-

a) সুচরিতেষু

b) কল্যাণীয়েষু

c) শ্রদ্ধাস্পদাসু

d) প্রীতিভাজনেষু

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Question - 2 : Choose the correct sentence:

a) He refrained to take any drastic action

b) He refrained from taking any drastic action

c) He refrained on taking any drastic action

d) He refrained in taking any drastic action

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Question - 3 : আপনি কি দয়া করে আমাকে সময়টা বলতে পারবেন?

a) Could you told me the time please?

b) Could you tell me time please?

c) Could you tell me the time please?

d) Can you tell me the time please?

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Question - 4 : Identify the determiner in the following sentence: ‘I have no news for you.’

a) have

b) news

c) for

d) no

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Question - 5 : প্রজাতন্ত্রের নির্বাহী ক্ষমতা কার কর্তৃত্বে প্রযুক্ত হয়?

a) প্রধানমন্ত্রী

b) সচিব

c) মন্ত্রী

d) সবাই

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Question - 6 : Farida said to her mother, “I shall go to bed now. ” বাক্যটির indirect speech হবে-

a) Farida told her mother that she would go to bed now

b) Farida told her mother that she will go to bed then

c) Farida told her mother that she would go to bed then

d) Farida told her mother that she will go to bed now

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Question - 7 : আপনার কি আমাকে আর কোনো প্রশ্ন করার আছে?

a) Do you have any questions for me?

b) Do you still have more questions for me?

c) Do you still have any question for me?

d) Do you still have any questions for me?

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Question - 8 : 100 টাকায় 10 টি ডিম কিনে 100 টাকায় 8 টি ডিম বিক্রয় করলে শতকরা লাভ কত হবে ?

a) 16%

b) 28%

c) 20 %

d) 25%

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Question - 9 : উভয়কূল রক্ষা অর্থে ব্যবহৃত প্রবচন কোনটি?

a) কারো পৌষ মাষ-কারো সর্বনাস

b) চাল না চুলো-ঢেকি না কুলো

c) সাপও মরে লাঠি ও না ভাঙ্গে

d) বোঝার উপর শাকের আৎটি

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Question - 10 : বাংলাদেশের একজন প্রখ্যাত নাট্যকার-

a) মামুনুর রশীদ

b) আবদুল মান্নান সৈয়দ

c) শহীদুল্লা কায়সার

d) আবুল হোসেন

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Specialized curriculum Software Delivers Effective Results

Specialized curriculum requires some additional push to guarantee that understudies with specific impediments meet their maximum capacity. So as to genuinely open an understudy's actual learning potential while never making him/her vibe constrained in any capacity, there is a wide scope of a custom curriculum programming which is accessible for use in schools the world over. In any case, it is essential to take note of that there should be a cautious thought while choosing exceptional programming programs for understudies with extraordinary needs as it is normally realized that product is costly, awards are restricted and instructors just have a constrained measure of time to consider and fuse these bundles into their regular educating works out.

Hence, while choosing specialized curriculum programming, there are sure inquiries that ought to be remembered before settling on a ultimate conclusion: Will the instruction programming do equity in meeting the individual needs of the understudy? Will the specialized curriculum programming be adequate to help the educational program or training plan of understudy that has a learning handicap?

Will the extraordinary programming help in encouraging the physical access needs of the understudy?

The instructor concerned ought to go somewhat out of his/her usual range of familiarity in gathering helpful data about what sorts of programming are accessible, what sort of programming can be suggested in a comparable circumstance and what are the preparation and specialized ramifications, assuming any, that one may require to execute the program effectively in a homeroom. One of only a handful scarcely any things that will enable an instructor to settle on an educated choice when picking specific training programming is really observe the program in activity in another school. This will enable the educator to decide its viability. Moreover, educators ought to likewise plan to audit the utilization of the product consistently and to utilize it in the best way when instructing understudies.

Specialized curriculum programming for use with understudies with extraordinary needs is separated into two fundamental classes:

Sans content programming

Content-rich programming

Sans content programming empowers a client to fuse their very own substance which may incorporate content, designs, and sound. This specific classification incorporates word processors, word forecast programs, introduction programming, and sight and sound creating programs notwithstanding arranging and association programming.

Then again, content-rich programming incorporates the accompanying:

Fortification Software which is additionally normally alluded to as Drill and Practice

The utilization of Interactive Talking Books

Exploratory or Simulation Software

Reference and Information Software

Study Skill Software